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Shear Purrfection

Your home away from home pet styling shop. Located in the heart of downtown Yelm, Washington.

Come and have your pet pampered while enjoying all the local shops and restaurants.

Rosina Marie is from the Pacific Northwest and was brought up with a love for furry friends. She has been grooming cats and dogs since 2006. She strives for making sure that the stressful side of grooming is simple and easy. A tranquil one on one appointment at her grooming trailer makes for a happy pet. 

Groomers Letter

I just wanted to take the time to update you on the unknown respiratory virus that has been seen in Oregon and several other states including Washington. Vets are saying, that at this time, there are not a lot of cases in Washington but it is still good to be vigilant. I have had a few people stay home because they were not sure. As always please keep your dog home if they are gagging, hacking or coughing, with or without runny nose, fever or other symptoms. If your dog develops any respiratory symptoms, especially with a fever or "wet" cough, please contact your vet immediately for guidance. You may wish to limit time around other dogs, especially dog parks, daycares and boarding facilities. I know a lot of people are doing one on one day cares and boarding with Rover and other places. When out walking, it is advised to not let you dogs visit. 

*If you have boarded your dog(s) or been to doggy daycares in the last two weeks, please let your groomer know so I can take proper precautions.* 

The incubation period is approximately 3 to 10 days and like kennel cough, the dogs can be contagious before they show symptoms. This illness is most likely an airborne virus and/or bacteria.      

I have added an air purifier to the salon. Tools & surfaces are cleaned & disinfected between pets. I may also need to adjust appointment times so that I can have one dog/cat or family of dogs/cats in the salon at a time, with no overlap. This is a low risk environment but I take keeping your pets safe seriously. 

The virus seems to be relatively uncommon at this time. The virus has only infected K9’s to my knowledge, despite the media reports. However, there have been cases where dogs have developed antibiotic resistant pneumonia and been sick for several weeks. So let’s be vigilant to protect our precious pets! 

Please reach out if you have any questions.



Rosina Newton

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